The objective of the Foundation is to research and create innovations in the construction and property industry in order to achieve a beneficial effect on social, technical, ecological, societal, economic and legal factors.

Climate change, an ageing society, rising urbanization and a shortage of residential space especially in urban centres are just a few examples of current and future challenges faced by society and also the construction and property sector. Founder UBM Development has recognized this situation and would like the charitable Smart Building Innovation Foundation to serve as the company’s contribution towards shaping the construction and property industry of tomorrow to ensure a sustainable and habitable approach.

The foundation is particularly expected to develop and research ways that can lead to reducing emissions and the consumption of resources over the long term, to optimizing cost efficiency as a contribution towards achieving sustainable offices and homes, and also to the systematic and targeted exhaustion of potential for comprehensive digital solutions. It is designed to create platform for scientists to accompany innovative applications and to bring together representatives from society, industry, politics, technology and science for the common good and to reveal new approaches.