The Foundation establishes a platform for innovative applications with scientific support. Representatives particularly from property management, industry, technology and science come together to work as a team. The innovations thus developed will reveal new approaches and therefore contribute towards the sustainable and habitable construction and property industry of tomorrow. These findings will allow the Foundation to make a contribution towards the (further) development of products for all those involved.

Mixed project teams – consisting of Foundation partners and sponsors – work actively on specific problems in construction and property management based on relevant data. The aim is to provide property projects that can be used as true-to-life testing ground (real labs) for these foundation projects. Other partners and sponsors supply the Foundation with financial sums (for a specific purpose), technologies and/or expertise from their areas.

The method of operating places great emphasis on innovative applications. Use cases for the future are therefore evaluated to determine their benefits, and are geared to practical issues. All steps comply with a structured procedure, analogous to a start-up. They are identified by a clear division of roles and are distinguished by their active method of operating, which is guided by hypotheses.

One central part of the Foundation is the establishment of a data lake where various real labs input their data over time. The data from various partners – property developer, planners, plant constructors, users, operators and supply/waste companies – therefore provides a broad spectrum where efficiency can be improved and actual benefits created. One particular focus is the development of standards for GDPR-compliant data processing in order to provide usable access for the Foundation and all involved.

Via regular formats for exchanging information between working groups and also between potential users and experts, as well as via project-related publications, it will be possible to make the latest findings available to the Foundation partners, the entire industry and the interested public in general, in line with the purpose of the Foundation.