The charitable foundation “SBIF” develops technical applications as solutions for smart buildings in a collaboration between partners from industry, business and science. This enables the Foundation to fulfil its objective of contributing to sustainable property management. For example, the work of the Foundation involves reducing emissions and the consumption of resources over the long term, and also optimizing cost efficiency, in sustainable concepts both for offices and in the home.


The objective of the Foundation is to research and create innovations in the construction and property industry in order to achieve a beneficial effect on social, technical, ecological, societal, economic and legal factors.

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The purpose of the Foundation is to promote science and research in the area of environmental protection, including climate protection and education.

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The Foundation establishes a platform for innovative applications with scientific support. Representatives particularly from property management, industry, technology and science come together to work as a team. The innovations thus developed will reveal new approaches and therefore contribute towards the sustainable and habitable construction and property industry of tomorrow. These findings will allow the Foundation to make a contribution towards the (further) development of products for all those involved.

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Executive Bodies of the Foundation

The Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors serve as the most important main executive bodies of the Foundation. The Foundation is represented and operatively managed by its Board of Directors. The Board of Trustees supports and monitors the Foundation’s activities, and also advises the Board of Directors in its work. The Board of Trustees can set up committees, including an advisory committee for the Foundation.

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Guiding Principles

We would like our work to make a contribution to society and also to further develop construction and property management. For this reason, we are guided by the following characteristics: fact-based, interdisciplinary, partnership-oriented, innovative, significant, active, modular, transparent.

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